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About us

Based in South Wales, we deliver clear, concise advice on the best option for our clients, our expertise spanning the full range of renewable energy technologies.
We seek to give the best customer service through identifying the right product for your project and giving advice aimed at achieving energy and carbon reduction savings.

We’re proud to be in partnership with Good Energy. A green electricity company that uses the amazing power of British sun, wind and water to replace every bit of electricity you use in your home over a year. And it’s cheaper than the standard dual fuel tariffs offered by the Big Six suppliers.


A top quality domestic solar array can:

  • give returns of over 12% on your investment
  • achieve total cash/savings returns over £30,000
  • save over 30 tonnes of co2

This is the equivalent of burning 100 barrels or crude oil or over 10,000l of diesel.

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