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The schematic above shows a typical off-grid solution

Going off-grid

The schematic to the right shows a typical off-grid solution

Storing solar energy for use during darkness is very much the "holy grail" so far as renewable technologies are concerned and is set to become the biggest growth area in the future.
An uncertain financial energy future, and the prospect of interruptions to electricity supply mean that energy independence and self-sufficiency will become more of an issue.


Inverters can be grid-tied or off-grid entirely, depending on whether you need a secondary power supply supported and powered by the sun, or a completely independent power source if you live in a remote area or just want to be king of your castle!


Inverters can output modified/pure sine wave, with a range of input and output characteristics (voltage, alternating/direct current). The optimum choice depends on intended use and system load.We can design and install a system to fit your individual needs and budget requirements. Speak to one of our technical team, to run through your options...

Your off-grid inverter choice will depend on the appliances in use

Battery power storage

  • flooded lead acid
  • lithium ion
  • gel
  • new technology

Battery storage for solar energy,although technologically lagging behind solar cell enhancement, is rapidly catching up. It has been used for uninterrupted supply applications in the commercial, armed-forces, telecoms, rail-road and marine sectors for many years, and is now lending itself to exciting renewable off-grid solutions.
New technology being developed such as organic mega-flow batteries, will offer cleaner storage solutions in the near future. Whilst some battery backup systems now have a lifespan of over 20 years (@20 deg C) and require no more than to be topped up with distilled water every 2 - 3 years.

We are specialists in off-grid solutions, and can design and install a system to suite your individual requirements.
Contact our technical team [email protected] or just call for an informal chat...

Off-grid applications

Solar energy storage solutions are ideal for remote farm locations, cottages, country houses, chalets, log cabins, summer houses, holiday homes or even your VW camper!
At home or abroad, becoming self-sufficient and moving off-grid is achievable today ...