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Smart solar panels

The Solar Consultancy can offer smart solar panel installations across Wales, opening up exciting new possibilities ... Optimisers have been in use for some time in the UK , to "even out" panel degradation due intermittent shading issues, soiling, and variance in individual panel performance.

The new smart module is the combination of optimisation chip technology and solar cell technology. At The Solar Consultancy we are often referred solar installations with intermittent or variable shading issues. This can be due to man -made or natural phenomenon, such as seasonal variation in tree leaf cover. Traditionally the solution would lie in micro-inverters

Smart solar panels

Ecolution said "I think there is a real opportunity to be first to market with this new technology and I want companies such as yourself to form an early partnership with us" - be one of the first in Wales to have the new generation of solar panels installed

The smart module has a built-in optimser that can be used with all leading brand string inverters, with a management unit controlling each string connected via a wi-fi gateway. Overall system output can be increased up to 36% Optimiser Limits VOc so string lengths are increased by 30% reducing wiring, isolator and labour costs whilst increasing system efficiency. Increased flexibility with string lengths and ability to deal with shading and different roof orientation Excellent remote system monitoring of individual panel outputs and temperatures, quickly identify and diagnose system problems

The results of independent testing from Photon magazine :

  • In perfect unshaded conditions the smart module increases system yield by 3.2% initially with greater MPP accuracy
  • Other optimised solutions do not provide this as their transformer technology consumes 2-3% of system energy. The smart module uses patented impedance matching technology.
  • This increase grows by 0.5% a year up to 5 years and 1% thereafter as the system manages mismatching through soiling and degradation
  • In shaded conditions the Maximiser Management Unit uses a sophisticated control algorithm that is self-learning and adjusts itself in the first few days of installation to site specific shading conditions.
  • This leads it to outperform other optimiser technologies and achieve up to 36% increase in system outputs in shaded conditions.
  • Module level on-line monitoring reduces operation and maintenance costs and maximises system uptime with automated system analysis and debug
  • Increased safety levels as the voltage output of individual modules can be disabled.

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